Noche Colombiana - Colombian Night

Networking Event of March 16, 2016 at Avenir Suisse

The core theme of our Networking Event on March 16, 2016, was Colombia and its impressive development. On this occasion, the numerous attendees consisting of donators and friends of the foundation were invited to experience the versatile facets of Columbia.

Through facts and figures, his Excellency, Ambassador Dr. Julián Jaramillo, demonstrated the impressive economic and social developments Colombia achieved in the past years. Today, different initiatives are being implemented to turn Columbia into an important place for investments, with Switzerland having ranked third among the foreign direct investors in 2015. Ambassador Jaramillo especially empathized the key position education holds, building the bridge to the mission of Fundación Educación.

Ivan Adamovich, who is responsible for our program in Colombia, brought the guest’s attention to our partner university EAFIT and its significance to the development of Medellín. Formerly the city with the highest crime rates worldwide, today’s Medellín is living up to its reputation as the city of eternal spring by blooming as a prosperous commercial capital.

Highlight of the evening was EAFIT alumni Daniel Pino Muñoz personal account of his life. Especially for the occasion, Mr. Muñoz had come from Paris where he is currently holding the position of assistant professor at the renowned École Nationale Supérieure des Mines Paris. Through his speech, Daniel showed his gratitude for Fundación Educación’s scholarship, which had enabled him to leave poverty behind and launch his extraordinary academic career. Today he supports young academics in Colombia and functions as guest lecturer whenever possible.

However, a truly Columbian night is only made when the music of the Llanos and Valles warms your heart and accompanies delicious “arepas” and other native foods. The perfect atmosphere was achieved thanks to musician Vittoria Pagani and singer Elena Gutierrez, as well as Silvia Vassori’s Columbian catering service Elite Gourmet.

We would like to express our gratitude for a wholly successful evening to Avenir Suisse, which offered the location for the evening, as well as to all parties involved! The event has shown us the importance of supporting young people in their quest for a first-class education and their desire to use their acquired knowledge and skills to serve their society.

We express special thanks for all the generous donations that have been made in the context of the event and in favor of our scholarship program.

A full report written by journalists of the news site Punto Latino can be accessed here.